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Same Day Awards has never missed a deadline in 17 years.
That’s why more than 3000 companies use Same Day Awards to give people the recognition they deserve…on time. Even if you have a tight delivery window. Even if you just remembered to celebrate someone’s success…at the last minute.

The perfect plaque or trophy is customized to your complete satisfaction, delivered next day or you pay nothing.
Economy Corporate Plaques – AMP SERIES (FULLY ENGRAVED)
  • 7”x9” = List $39.95 Our Price $19.95 As Low As $13.97
  • 8”x10” = List $44.95 Our Price $24.95 As Low As $17.46
  • 9”x12” = List $54.95 Our Price $29.95 As Low As $20.96
Premier Corporate Plaques – AP Series
  • 8”x10” = List $81.25 Our Price $49.95 As Low As $34.96
  • 9”x12” = List $91.25 Our Price $59.95 As Low As $41.96
Clocks and Desk Items, From Left To Right
RWS49 Reg. $116.00 Our Price $79.95
As Low As $53.16
RWS85 Reg. $208.25 Our Price $139.95
As Low As $106.36
Q154PL Reg $101.50 Our Price $59.95
As Low As $45.56
Crystal, From Left To Right (FULLY ENGRAVED)
CRY183 9” Spectrum – Reg. $110.95 Our Price $79.95
As Low As $60.76
CRY62 6.24” Octagon – Reg $75.00 Our Price $39.95
As Low As $28.08
CRY37 10.5” Flame – Reg. $152.50 Our Price $109.95
As Low As $68.36
Glass, From Left To Right (FULLY ENGRAVED)
GL332 (8”) Reg. $59.95 Our Price $31.95
As Low As $24.28
GL322 (8”) Reg. $59.95 Our Price $31.95
As Low As $24.28
GL65 (9”) Reg. $79.95 Our Price $49.95
As Low As $37.96
Acrylics, From Left To Right (FULLY ENGRAVED)
  • DTP-BG 11” – Reg. $166.00 Our Price $109.95 As Low As $76.95
  • MAQ-G 9” – Reg $91.25 Our Price $69.95 As Low As $48.96
  • INP-CB 7” – Reg $59.95 Our Price $42.95 As Low As $30.06
  • DT21A Double Halo (8”) Reg $69.95 Our Price $49.95
    As Low As $34.96
(All Models Come Blue Or Gold)
Cups, From Left To Right (FULLY ENGRAVED)
CRY360 11.5’ Crystal (Reg. $129.95) Our Price $69.95
As Low As $$53.61
Michael Edward 12” Reg. $64.95 Our Price $34.95
As Low As $26.56
(Gold or Silver) *Other Sizes
Weingroff Cup 16” Reg. $159.95 Our Price $119.95
As Low As $91.16
(Gold or Silver) *Other Sizes
Many cups with Figures on Top
Trophies, From Left To Right (FULLY ENGRAVED)
  • MX Super Motion Extreme 8-10” (All Sports) reg. $21.95 Our Price $10.95 As Low As $8.32
  • Sport Star Series 6.25” (All Sports) Reg. $11.95 Our Price $5.95
    As low As $4.52)
  • Comet Series 5.75”(All Sports) Reg. $9.95 Our Price $5.59
    As low as $4.25)
  • Flame Series 8” (All Sports) Reg. $14.50 Our Price $8.99
    As Low As $6.83)
Engraveable Gifts, From Left To Right
  • GLFO2 – Rosewood Finish Golf Ball Box Reg. $34.95 Our Price $19.95 As low as $15.16
  • XH1023 Single Wine Presentation Box Reg $49.95 Our Price $29.95 As low as $22.76
MRT01 Executive Martini Set Reg. $79.95 Our Price $49.95
As Low As $37.96
BGS1 Maple Veneer Grill Set Reg. $79.95 Our Price $49.95
As Low as $37.96

HMD01 Rosewood Humidor Reg. $89.95 Our Price $59.95
As Low as $45.56

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That’s how confident we are that we can make you look like a million bucks.

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Simply submit a detailed form now. On the Thank You page,
download our digital catalog and THE list of awards most popular with executives. Choose a style you like best. Give us the words you want imprinted. Or ask for help…we advise based on what clients like you are using with great success.

From the desk of…

Paul Mazzaferro
Chief Expeditor
Same Day Awards

Dear Busy Executive,

Same Day Awards is the only way you can turn an afterthought into an unforgettable moment - in 24 hours. Recipients will rave about your thoughtfulness. Simply fill out a form now and we’ll make sure that moment is extra special.

Every year, top executives from 3000 companies celebrate staff accomplishments…last minute. They know that Same Day Rewards will bail them out of any jam and always make them look good. See for yourself honest reviews from happy clients below.

Because you have a lot on your plate. Because your schedule is full and ordering awards is not your top priority. Because Same Day Awards shares your values and earns your trust from day one. You need things fast.

That’s why in 17 years, we’ve never missed a deadline…or had a single plaque or trophy delivered late.

The second you submit a form, we respond immediately…with unlimited FREE consultations to make ordering a breeze. Start here

We’ve done same day awards for Subway, BIC, Schick, ADP, Pitney Bowes, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Sikorsky Helicopter to name a few of our many clients (show client logos). For example, we won Subway’s business by creating a bronze casting for the CEO in 9 days (industry average 8 weeks). Excellence is in the execution.

When you “catch employees doing something right,” you need to be ready to show it. At that moment, you have a chance to make your people feel special and proud. Same Day Awards makes that magic happen.

Here’s how:

1Make Every Moment Special

Same day awards customizes and engraves trophies and awards for all occasions. Whether you just want to say “Thank You” (loudly) or let someone know how much you appreciate fine handiwork, Same Day Awards delivers exactly what you need, on time without any effort on your part.

All Sizes In Stock

Our facility is located next to the largest supplier of award plaques and trophies in the United States. More than 5,000 stock sizes on hand. Millions of units can be customized to your complete satisfaction. You can choose a size that fits every occasion. Materials and craftsmanship all in one place!

Every Style On Hand

Tens of thousands of styles in stock. Millions of combinations possible. With such an endless selection, you can count on Same Day Awards to help you pick out the right award for your top performers. We’ve even put together a list of the most popular sizes sure to turn heads and put ear-to-ear smiles on every face.

All you need to do is tell us what you want. Same Day Awards provides unlimited free consultation to help you select the right award.

“I ordered 3 plaques on Tuesday from Florida. They were in my office in NY when I arrived Wednesday. Last year’s awards took 2 weeks and were the wrong color. Same Day Awards makes it easy!”

Gerald Conlan, Beverage Consultant
Unique Drinks

3Be On Time - When It Counts

If you place an order by 10AM Eastern Standard Time, it is guaranteed to arrive on your desk next day. On time for any event or occasion. Some of our clients call us later in the afternoon and we STILL get their order delivered next day.

Our team is anxious to help: sincere, hardworking folks who know how important your time is, who understand the sensitive nature of “when” you give a gift to a deserving employee. There is no second chance. Call 866-588-3605 or fill out a form to the right. Either way, we’ll help you make every moment unforgettable.

4Never Make A Mistake

If you are not sure what to say, our team can help you write the perfect sentiment. We will also suggest a beautiful font for engraving. We show you exactly where to put your logo and message. Effortless and easy, the way buying should be.

Each award is lovingly prepared as if we were giving the award to OUR staff. We take spelling very seriously. If any word is misspelled for any reason whatsoever, you owe us nothing. The award will be replaced free of charge.

5 Pay Only If You Love It

Payment on approval means just that. You pay only if you are satisfied with the product. When you place your order, we make sure your credit card is valid. The charge will NOT be authorized until you say “I Love It!”

That’s how confident we are that you will be thrilled with the quality. You can order knowing that the transaction is completely risk-free on your end. You pay nothing until you receive the award and approve it yourself.

$75 FREE On Your First Order

Remember, you get $75 worth of FREE personalization… complete with your logo, 40-letter imprint, personal engraving and a classy presentation box:

  • FREE Logo & 40 Letter Imprint
  • FREE Personal Engraving
  • FREE Presentation Box

Plus, you are guaranteed to receive your order within 24 hours (spelled correctly) to your complete satisfaction or you do not owe us a dime.

My team is eager to help you celebrate success. Make every moment unforgettable by filling out the form to the right. Browse our digital catalog and download the list of most popular awards for recognizing top performers.

Even if you don’t know what to say, our reps will help you. We consult with you free of charge until you find the perfect plaque or trophy.

If you’d prefer to talk with a specialist now call 866-588-3605.

Yours On Time,

Paul Mazzaferro
Chief Expeditor
Same Day Awards

PS: You risk nothing by browsing our free catalog and consultation. $100 of FREE personalization is included just by filling out a form on this page. Plus, you get THE list of quality awards most popular with busy executives. Narrow your choices to the perfect award for any occasion in seconds. Fill out a form above and my team will help you choose the right award.

  • “When I dealt with Paul the first time, I knew I was getting a man of integrity. Same Day Awards were what he said they would be…first class company.”

    Charles Weingroff,
    Physical Therapist

  • “Whenever we are featured as a Top Restaurant, Paul and team are the only people we trust with something hanging in our lobby.”

    Billy Grant, CEO
    Grant Restaurant Group

About Paul Mazzaferro and Same Day Awards

For over 17 years, Paul has helped more than 3000 busy executives celebrate success. He built one of the largest custom award and trophy companies in New England, which he sold to Foxwoods Casino. Now he’s back with his amazing same day guarantee.

Paul runs his businesses with old school integrity. Everything he makes is personally inspected. Made to your exacting requirements. Guaranteed to make you look like a million bucks or you owe nothing.

For busy executives with deadlines, Same Day Awards is the only proven supplier of awards and trophies that delivers in 24 hours. Try us now…you won’t regret it.

  • “When honoring our Top Producers, I have Paul on speed dial”

    CWilliam Holly, President
    Pointe Group Advisors

  • “I called 3 other places. Same Day Awards was the only one who could bail me out with awards on my desk the next day. Plaque was gorgeous!”

    David Pelligrinelli, CEO
    AFX, LLC